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  1. says:

    Great article. I am very concerned about the camping for the reasons you have outlined, and also the additional fire risk. The National Park is full of so much vegetation that camping and inadequate attention to camp fires, random cigarettes etc, could cause a major bush fire right in the middle of a heavily populated area.


  2. Bob Reed says:

    It will require a change to the ‘Bathing Act of Parliament NSW’ to remove Cobblers Beach from being a legal nudist beach. It was the Free Beach Association of NSW with Bob Reed then as president when the Hon Pam Allan MP who had five NSW beaches legalised for recreational nude bathing. Cobblers Beach was one of the five. There are far too few clothes optional beaches NSW NSW to see any of them closed to recreational clothes optional bathing.
    It was the National Parks and Wildlife Service who with the support of the NSW Liberal Party had a walking track put right across Reef Beach and forced its nude bathing status removed.
    Reef Beach was legalised on the 25th October 1976 until 9.02.1993 and was used by tens of thousands of ordinary citizens I.E. families, couples, singles, in fact everyone was made most welcome there. Not one person was ever charged with any offence of any description on Reef Beach or in its environs in all those years it was legalised.
    Was there ever a problem ‘Yes’ only with the lack of designated parking.
    That was enough reason to have the beach closed. Those selfish residents now have back an empty beach and street to gloat over.
    Wonder if the residents of Balmoral Beach could do the same? Parking is a nightmare there too at weekends.
    I suggest that the beach goers of Cobblers Beach find a good lawyer who will act on their behalf Pro Bono. Remember it does not matter about ‘Right’, it will be more to do with Might and those who wish to remove the legitimate nudists who have done no wrong other than stand up for the rights.
    Not only are you fighting for the rights of people to go nude bathing on Cobbler Beach today, it is also a fight for future generations to come and to be able to enjoy the freedoms of clothes optional bathing that we have and enjoy today.

    Best wishes

    Bob Reed – Fairlight


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