Middle Head Management Plan – Sydney Harbour Federation Trust

The Middle Head Management Plan – Amendment 2 – has been adopted and came into force on 11 April 2017.

This plan effects only the area controlled by the Sydney Harbour Federation Trust, the NPWS are yet to release their plan and that plan may affect the beach area.

The notable key issues adopted in this plan include:

          The Harbour Trust is committed to working with public transport providers to increase services to Headland Park;

          Provision of a bus shelter on Middle Head Road (city-bound), opposite HMAS Penguin; and

          The Harbour Trust does not support the introduction of annual car parking passes for visitors. Time restrictions and fees are used to effectively manage demand for limited public parking at Middle Head.

The Management Plan acknowledged 40% of submissions received referred to NPWS issues. These included:

          Strong support for retention of clothing-optional status of Obelisk and Cobblers Beaches;

          Strong opposition to construction of new paths near Obelisk and Cobblers Beaches;

          Strong opposition to camping at Cobblers Beach; and

          Concern removal of overnight staff from NPWS-managed area of Middle Head will result in antisocial behaviour and damage to the site.

and noted these are matters for NPWS consideration.

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