Have Your Voice Heard – Material for YOUR Submission.

Submissions for the MasterPlan close on 16 December 2016.

They can be made by way of email – to:

  • consulttrust@harbourtrust.gov.au
  • middlehead.masterplan@environment.nsw.gov.au


The ‘Mates of Middle Head’ suggest you send your submission to BOTH organisations.

We have drafted a some material that may assist you in YOUR submission:

  • You are free to use this material;
  • However, it is best if you put this into your own words or personalise these words;
  • Include some of your own thoughts, experiences and what the area means to you; and
  • How the Masterplan will effect YOU and your use of the area.

Path onto Cobblers Beach.

The proposed path ending on the beach should be changed to avoid the beach, commencing from the outer forts and follow the natural contours ending at the bend on Cobblers Beach Road. (this is the historic cobblestoned road from the car park area to the beach.)  A change in the route could allow for a wheelchair access path.

This would also ensure the objectives of the Masterplan are met and embraced, whilst also meeting the expectations of the results of the community questionnaire.

This path if constructed as outlined in the current draft plan onto the beach will cause irreparable damage to the area and the nature of the beach.   

Cobblers beach being a clothing optional beach is frequented daily by 1000’s of people during the height of summer and is a very unique beach being one of its kind in the Sydney area – a family clothing optional beach. We strongly remind the NPWS and SHT of the solid sentiments of the questionnaire regarding the beaches.  

The construction of such a path:

  • Will cause the beach to be a thoroughfare for the public;
  • May cause users of the path distress and embarrassment upon entering unawares a clothing optional beach;
  • Limit the available usable area for beach goers;
  • See a decrease in patronage which will have a follow on detrimental effect to the parking revenue of the Harbour Trust; and
  • See the loss of the last family clothing optional beach in the Sydney area.

Planned camping in the area and including Cobblers beach.

  • Any camping in the area should either be banned or confined to the area behind the boom gate area.
  • The plan outlines camping ONLY on Cobblers Beach. There is no allowance for services (cooking, power; rubbish, water, sewage & grey water waste) for the area, outlined in the masterplan.
  • The Middle Head area has experienced concerning anti-social behavior during the night and the encouragement of camping would be a significant risk to an increase in vandalism, damage and anti-social behaviors are against the ethos of the National Park.
  • The introduction of camping would require a duty of care and compliance with OH & S regulations, including security, engaging boom gate access into a secure fenced area, with provision for security surveillance, lighting and 24 hour staff in attendance. This would require a significant ongoing cost to the NPWS and SHT.
  • Further requirements would include a concrete driveway access to facilitate trades and service vehicles to provide water and sewer services, industrial power supply to facilitate pump requirements to remove toilet waste back into the sewer mains system.
  • Camping has the potential to for grey water waste to adversely impact on the harbour.
  • We have a strong objection to camping on Cobblers Beach.

 Construction of platforms on Cobblers Beach

  • These again detract from the area and beach. They will require regular maintenance and be a target for vandalism and damage.
  • They will restrict the minimal area available to beach-goers, especially during a high tide.
  • We have a strong objection to the planned construction of these platforms.


Car Parking – This is controlled by the SHT with some very limited parking by the NPSW on Chowder Bay Road. We suggest the introduction of an annual pass by the SHT as offered by NPSW.

Cobblers Beach – This beach holds a very strong sense of community, which appears to have been misunderstood by the planners of this proposal. Many of the beachgoers have been visiting the beach for decades and it is very much the center of their community and social grouping. The beach being a family beach has seen over the years many family groups grow up on the beach.

Many beachgoers will make the beach a day trip rather than spending mere hours on the beach. The beach is very much one of a picnic feel most weekends. This beach would be one of Sydney’s most visited beaches. The beach has been legally designated clothing optional for decades and a beach that requires protection rather than exploitation.

The beach is also a draw card for increasing global market of nudist tourism with many international visitors solely visiting Sydney to spent time on this beach, the loss of the beach would be detrimental to the economy of the area.

 Middle Head Area – The Masterplan holds a concerning undercurrent that of an expansion of businesses and other revenue raising enterprises for the SHT and NPWS. Whilst we are not against development we believe that this goes against the protection of a very unique area of Sydney and has the potential to destroy this area.

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