Open letter to all Cobblers Beach Patrons.



Significant changes have been proposed that not only threaten the natural beauty of the beach we love, but stand to jeopardise the clothing-optional status of Cobblers.

The Sydney Harbour Trust and National Parks & Wildlife Service have drawn up a masterplan for the Middle Head precinct, which includes two points of huge concern for beach patrons.

One is for a walking track to be constructed that hugs the headland and will cut through the bushland to emerge at ground level- i.e where the grassed area currently is at Cobblers.

This tactic is similar to that which was employed to eventually halt nude bathing at Balgowlah’s Reef Beach some two decades ago.

The other area of the proposal that will adversely impact on the character and charm of the beach is for the creation of wooden decks/platforms designed for camping.

Allowing camping in the area is a recipe for disaster that will inevitably lead to anti-social behaviour, such as vandalism and littering.

The masterplan that includes these points of concern can be viewed online at:

The authorities welcome public feedback on their plans and it is crucial that we have a strong voice. Collectively, the patrons of Cobblers & Obelisk beaches represent the biggest and longest-standing group of stakeholders in the Middle Head precinct (not including the navy).

We urge beach-lovers to oppose these two key proposals and show their support for the continuation of nude bathing at Cobblers & Obelisk.

There are people in power who would like to revoke the status of both beaches, which have enjoyed legal status for almost 25 years (and been used unofficially for about double that time). 

Now is the time to demonstrate your support before more of the freedom in today’s society is eroded.

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One Response to Open letter to all Cobblers Beach Patrons.

  1. Nature love says:

    Your care and efforts are greatly appreciated. I’ve certainly sent my say to both orgs and hope it’ll contribute to the outcome we seek!


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