Middle Head Draft Master Plan.

The Master Plan for development of Middle Head has been released for public display and the two government bodies; The Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH) and the National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) are seeking feedback on the Middle Head and Georges Head Masterplan, Sydney Harbour National Park.


The master plan, prepared by Environmental Partnerships, has been released for public exhibition and is seeking submissions. The deadline for submissions is Friday 16 December 2016. Note that public exhibition is available on-line, but also in hard copy at various government offices.

The planned impact for Cobblers Beach is a path that will follow the northern side of the Headland from the outer forts to Cobblers Beach ending on the grassed area on the beach and join the path known as ‘Cobblers Beach Path’. Several wooden platforms that could be used for overnight camping and by beachgoers during the day are also planned for the grassed area.

The plan appears to be geared to discourage people to use the beach as a clothing optional beach.

NPWS’ lands at Middle Head and Georges Head are immensely significant heritage parklands, containing the original Middle Head Fort and fortifications, largely intact, one dating from 1801.

NPWS’ Draft Plan contain many changes in use to Middle Head and Georges Head, as well as physical changes. It is important that you make your views known.

The plans are somewhat lengthy and involved. We are reviewing the draft master plans with a view to prepare a submission.

We will be outlining some significant issues affecting the area and posting them for you to draft your own submission.

We encourage as many individual submissions as possible are submitted before the deadline.

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